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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pfft, This is Takumii's Version of Animania 2011!

I gave my cosplay virginity to Animania 2011. It's gone, forever gone~~ Oh wells, it's only cosplay virginity.  So yes, I have cosplayed for the first time and to be honest, I'm loving it!! It was always my dream to join the cosplay circle. I hate to be those normal attendees (not implying anything) who goes to conventions and that's it. Taking photos and buying goodies are just not enough for me. I want to join in the fun and show my passion as a anime lover. To be honest, the feeling of convention is just totally different compared to the ones in the recent years. I got quite a lot of positive response for my first time cosplaying so I'm really happy.

Am I considering myself as a cosplayer now? Nope, I don't think I am, even though I have cosplayed already. A cosplayer is really serious about their cosplays and that I believe is needed to be achieved before I can proclaim to a cosplayer... Okay I'm a cosplayer now!! WHOO!! XD

The convention itself was really disappointing, it seemed like the activities were really limited. For me, it wasn't too bad because I was too busy with Yumii and the rest of the AUA group. Nothing will be boring when all of the AUA members unite! This year is AUA's first major standout thanks to the armbands. People ddidn't notice too much, but to us it meant a lot!

I hope everybody had a great time at Animania 2011 Sydney! See you guys again in the future!

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