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Monday, September 12, 2011

New AUA Features!

As you all know, I have added a music player recently and a reader follower  for AUA. Both won't harm, they are just there to make this small blog more fun and .......fun!

AUA Music Player: Here is how the music player will work; the authors and I will add songs into our playlist. It can be anything as long as it is Japanese/anime related songs. We will upload songs which is relevant to the season (in Australia). Eg. Spring - Love songs, Summer - upbeat songs, Autumn - slow/smoothing songs and Winter - Sad songs. Basically, consideration for the songs will be made before they will be added onto the playlist.

Here is the fun bit,  AUA would love everybody to participate by giving song recommendations  to us and we will try to upload the songs into the playlist! We will change new playlists for every season and the old playlists will be linked in our Music Playlist tab (new feature in the future)! So guys, if you have a really good song choices, please type the song title and the singer's name into our AUA shout box. We would love to add your recommendation onto our list!

AUA Followers: A mini feature i added onto the blog to show where our followers are around the world. It doesn't serve much purpose and it is there because Takumii felt like it. Clearly among the viewers who check AUA frequently (I love you guys), one or two will use this gadget for curiousity. I know I did~ XD

Hope you all will enjoy these features and please comment if you have any suggestions!

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