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Friday, September 9, 2011

ComiPo! Manga Creation Software to be Released in English

ComiPo LLP, the creator of the manga creation software ComiPo!, announced on Thursday it has launched a free trial version of the software in English via Crunchyroll and its own website. The full version of the software, which will be released on September 15, will come with all of the same features as the Japanese version, which was released last December. ComiPo LLP describes the software as being "aimed at consumers who want to create manga, but who lack drawing skills."

ComiPo! allows users to create their own manga with pre-created 3D characters and settings. It will feature character models, more than 100 different poses and expressions, background images, items, sound effects and word balloons. Users will also be able to import their own images and use those as backgrounds.

Manga creator Keiichi Tanaka (Minori no Seishun, Doctor Chichibuyama) is ComiPo LLP's General Manager & Solution Sales Division, while Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga's Kentaro Takekuma consulted on the software's development. Character designer Kumi Horii (Seitokai no Ichizon, Zone of the Enders) created the built-in character models.

The English version of ComiPo! retails for US$49.95. ComiPo LLP is currently streaming a demonstration video for the software on its YouTube channel, which can also be viewed below.

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