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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Animania Sydney 2011

Animania 2011, most possibly the most memorable convention to date. And it's all due to Takumii and Yumii and there wonderful cosplay below:

So the day went pretty smoothly for the AUA crew and for once we managed to get the whole crew together to join one event, unfortunately I had to leave a bit early but I don't think I missed much. Animania isn't as big as Supanova or Smash when it comes to stores but with the amount of cosplay available to see and take photos of, who honestly cares. As always this year's cosplays have been spectacular, as always I'm impressed with the diversity of people in Sydney who enjoy anime, manga, cosplay and of course the Japanese culture. 

The day started out pretty fine, everything went to plan... Ok I lied I was late out of the house... And so was Takumii and Yumii, and after a few lost moments from Takumii who had to call me for directions we got underway. 

From the very start the day looked promising cosplay, anime, figurines, cosplay, maids, more cosplay, and posters, an event to extremely enjoy. If you're looking for a convention that's mainly based on cosplay Animania is definitely the convention to attend, if not... attend anyway! 

Kayla-sama had also made us armbands for the convention, something everyone got really excited for, and if any of you spotted us please let us know. (Will post armband and group photo on Monday when I can get the photos of Kayla-sama).

So without further ado and my frustrating amounts of text I give you just some (or else we'll overflow) of the cosplays from our photo files:

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