Spring (Autumn in Aust.) Anime Charts
The charts have been released and a much clearer version of the chart can be viewed here.
Credits go to the maker of the chart.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Autumn (Spring in Aus) Anime Charts 2011

Well another chart for the new season has come out and I'm pretty sure that Takumii has already given you a sneak preview of that earlier, but the official chart or rather the first version of the chart have been released. Seeing as it's still mid way into this season, expect some changes.

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(link added if picture is too small)

As you can see from the charts next season looks promising as the much awaiting sequels to all time favourite animes are being released, from Shakugan no Shana, the prequel Fate/Zero, Working!! and Bakuman.

Also by request from Takumii we will be having a new theme on the blog pretty shortly as soon as the next season starts, and of course it will be an anime for the next season, so I'm looking forward to making that. Other than that, next season will be very promising.

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