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Friday, July 22, 2011

SMASH! 2011 Review with Takumii

 AUA always did everything together, we eat together, we drink together and we piss together~ Of course, we will also all meet up and go to Anime Conventions together. However, this year's Smash attendance from AUA was only me. Jayce and Ben were all gone and Kayla-sama... I wasn't expecting too much from her; if I did then I would have been killed. She is the boss here! ><

Luckily the main character, I~ was there and brought many of  my experiences and memories of SMASH! 2011  to you guys. First up is the Gundam Model Competition. I used this opportunity to search for model I would like to build in the future rather than actually look closely towards the details the competitors have done to their models.

I saw many good cosplays that day and I was truly impressed because I really did think the cosplays in SMASH were actually better than Supernova this year. Also, the animes being cosplayed were getting newer and more widespread which enables more varieties. That means Australia is finally catching up to the anime anime series and not years behind Japan. There were many of good cosplayers but I couldn't take photos with every single one. I don't know how long the post will be if I actually did took photos with every single one of them. Really got to say, some were really well done~

It was a good day and I had fun and enjoyment from bits and pieces of the convention. The highlight of the day for me are the interview with Legendary anime director, Nabeshin and King of Games Abridged, LittleKuriboh. They were both so funny, each have their own sense of humour. But I was glad to have went to their interview. Honestly, I just went there to have a break and chill. Didn't expect they turned out to be that good.

Sorry to people who was expecting me to troll this post again XD I wish I could but, I was soloing that day as the only AUA member so I have be more serious in this one. I have to make it seem like it is just an ordinary day because Jayce was begging me to stop saying how fun that day was. He thinks that he will miss out a lot if I told him how fun the day was ;) Yes Jayce, it was just a fine day. Wasn't too special about it XDD

Btw, I was shocked when SMASH 2011 gave out these. I love them! I felt like I attended as someone special even though the card clearly wrote Attendee hahaha!

Jayce's notes:
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