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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ui Figure

Isn't this totes kawaii? This Ui is set to be released in November this year for about $70ish AUD (not including proper exchange rates shipping etc so it's probably closer to $100)
She's available on Hobby Search
On a side note, Good Smile Co is releasing a whole bunch of Lucky Star figures this month!

Meanwhile, here in NSW Australia, we year 12s are dying from exams and I'm absolutely CRAVING a Niizuma Eiji figure (Bakuman). The 2nd season is coming out soon, the manga is seriously heating up (We at AUA haven't posted about it recently) and Eiji is seriously heating stuff up at JUMP!

Other than that, a lot of animes are wrapping up at 11-12 episodes, so we're getting a bit lonely now :( Unfortunately, the boys here wouldn't let me (the only girl) post about yaoi series Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi which was my favourite from this season :( And sadly it has finished :(

But the next season is coming out soon, although pretty much everyone is agreeing that it doesn't look spectacular.

Kayla OUT

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