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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toradora Author Takemiya to Launch Evergreen Manga

The official blog for ASCII Media Works' quarterly magazine Dengeki Daioh Genesis announced on June 22 that Toradora! author Yuyuko Takemiya and manga artist Akira Kasukabe (Persona 4 Degenki Comic Anthology, Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut - Hakanakikoku no Rion) will launch a new manga series titled Evergreen. The manga will appear in the magazine's 2011 Summer issue, which will go on sale on July 19.

The website noted that Evergreen is a nostalgic summer countryside story.

The magazine's official Twitter account also posted four rough character sketches for the upcoming title. The images show Hotaka, the protagonist; Niki, a heroine who is a beautiful blonde wild girl (pictured right); Yutaka, a cute girl who might be the next head of the manga club; and Soga, a dejected ikemen (handsome male) who is Hotaka's friend and a member of the manga club.

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