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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Supernova Sydney 2011 Day 1

 Jayce and I, the two little men were inside the mighty Supernova 2011. (er... I was inside... derp)

It was an absolute crazy convention with twice as many people attending compared to last year. One word about the convention, SO FUN! Who doesn't like convention? Think about the cosplayers, the anime goodies and celebrities Yuko Miyamoto.  As for both of us, we really enjoyed this convention simply because we finally talked with cosplayers! Thanks to Mearii, we talked with a lot of cosplayers! Though I did feel awkwardness at times and sometimes a bit out of place, but it was a nice experience seeing how they roll and party. I was really grateful of her~

Yea, that's it for this year~ Okay, I'll stop trolling and here is what I promised.

Mearii and Carmel cosplaying!

Ciel X3 means Sebastian X3, right ladies ;)
                                                     Mearii, cosplaying. me, heart attack XD

                                     Took this photo so you guys will feel sorry for the creeper too.

La de da~ Yea, after seeing the cosplayers being so passionate about their cosplaying, my heart wavered. Is this first lov.... hahahaha No, it only means I'm pumped and I wanna cosplay too!! Takumii's cosplay debut should happen really soon. Then maybe I won't feel awkward around cosplayers anymore.

Also, we will wear AUA armbands atarting next convention. So you guys can get your eggs ready when you spot us :)

*EDIT* after our photographer Ben (yes, the lazy author) chucked a fit at me for not giving him any credit, I decided to give him the credit for the photos. Good boy.

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