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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Supanova 2011 Figures

Yes, yes as always I always go on a spending spree. My aim for the day was to spend all my money in less than 5 minutes, I did it 3 minutes, world record. No I'm kidding, I spent nearly the full day before I could find these glorious figures. Maybe I'm over exaggerating but, here I'll just show you:

What more they both cost me less than $100, pretty sure the Kanade Tachibana figure is fake though, but the quality is good enough that I don't really mind.

If I would have to really choose my favourite, it would definitely be Arin from the Korean golf game Pangya! Her paint, pose and her overall make is so clear and perfect, I've been trying to find this one locally for a while now actually, so happy that I have it now.

Also on a further note:

Two people can play at the trolling game my dear Takumii ^^

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