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Monday, June 20, 2011

EB Expo Cosplay Competitions Announced

Video games retail chain EB Games has posted details for two cosplay competitions and a third cosplay-related event to be held at the EB Expo on October 15th and 16th in the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre. The competitions will be run in cojunction with Madman Entertainment and the total prize pool, made up of gift vouchers for EB Games and Madman, is valued at $7000.

The Cosplay Evolved Live Performance event is for professional-level cosplayers, who will perform a two minute skit on stage with accompanying music and video backdrops. Finalists will be chosen based on submitted 60-second long videos, which will also be screened at the event. The deadline for entries is the 15th of September.

Just 'Cos is a traditional cosplay competition judging on costumes alone. Participants can enter by purchasing a ticket to the expo and registering online, and can go on stage alone or as part of a small group. Details on where the competition will be held will be released shortly.

As well as the above competitions, EB will run a Cosplay Undercover promotion where judges will dress in cosplay and give out EB vouchers and other prizes to cosplayers around the expo.

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