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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sakamoto Miu as VOCALOID 3

Sakamoto Miu's "Crystal Voice" to Become Vocaloid
On June 8th, it was revealed at Yamaha's VOCALOID 3 announcement party event that the production of a Vocaloid using the voice of singer Sakamoto Miu is currently underway.
The ability to create music using Miu's voice, renowned by many for its clarity, seems sure to garner much interest and demand!
The product name and release date are currently undecided; in the meantime, the latest Vocaloid software VOCALOID 3 is shaping up for a September release.
Listen to Miu's acoustic performance of "Phantom Girl's First Love" here:
The daughter of famed musician Sakamoto Ryuichi, Sakamoto Miu debuted in 1998 with the mini-album aquascape and has most recently released her sixth full album HATSUKOI, her second collaboration with producer Dave Liang of the Shanghai Restoration Project. 

Vocaloid fans, close your eyes and listen to her singing in the video. Moved by her voice? Promise you can picture a vocaloid in your mind. I definitely did. I think her voice is quite qualified for a vocaloid. Seriously, my mind did feel ease when I was listening to the song myself. Her voice is so calm, it's so smoothing!

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