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Monday, April 4, 2011

R.I.P Saya

Regarding the rumor which had been spread, we are here to clarify it. Maybe some of you have known this before, but there are also many people who didn't.

We had contact with some of her friends to clarify this rumor and we are grateful that they were willing to share some info about our dearest Saya's current condition. Big thanks to Tsugihagi☆Mishin-san (Miss Saya's bestfriend) and GUMI-san (Miss Saya and Miss Mishin's kameko) for gave us info then our friend, Shiki-san (cosplayer from Kansai) for helping us translating.

First, we are going to tell you about the rumor. Some people said that Miss Saya has passed away. This rumor is TRUE.

We, the admins of SAYA COSPLAYER fan page, sadly and regretful announce that our DEAREST SAYA had passed away on March 15th 2011 early morning. Miss Saya passed away because of an accident.

About the detail of the accident, we are sorry, we don't know anything.

Miss Saya's sister also confirmed and justify this rumor.

Some of you wrote on Saya Cosplayer fan page's wall and said that Saya-san was suicided. That rumor was not true. Please don't believe it.

By this note, we also send our big condolences to Miss Saya's departure. May she rest in peace.


Here is a Tribute of Saya by Youtube user Reinforce615; As she will remain in our hearts forever.

R.I.P Saya
From all your fans who truly loved you.

As a major fan of Saya, I'm deeply shocked by this news and wished I have never seen anything involved with the news. However, as a blogger I must reveal to readers the truth. It's sad and it's hard to bear, but things cannot be reverted. I just hope Saya can rest in peace and watches over all her fans from above. To be honest, tears did rolled down my cheeks after I discovered the truth a while ago...

May Saya rest in peace knowing she was one of the best and most loved cosplayers of her age. She will be missed dearly among her undying fans and most definitely among us at AUA who have found beauty and inspiration among her cosplays. Rest in Peace.

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