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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bakemonogatari Hitagi Senjougahara 1:6 Good Smile Figure Review

Guys, we need to carry on. We can't stay in this depression forever. I'm sure Saya wouldn't want us all to be sad. Therefore we should continue our lives and live it to the fullest like Saya did with hers.

Okay, this is the latest Figure I own. Yes, she looks good. She is a masterpiece. The colors are spectacular and the layout is also perfect. It is why, she made me to crave for her at the first place. The falling stationery made the simple pose into an elegance pose for sure. It is very iconic for Hitagi as I'm sure many Bakemongatari fans will agree with me. Once again I can proudly say, she is Art~  However, one thing that disappoint me was the base of the figure. Compare the base to others Bakemonogatari figure bases. It is certainly really plain. Well, it didn't disappoint too much since the figure itself was really well done. Seriously, she is eye catching ;)

Takumii's Figure collection #2

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