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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poll results

The question:
Who else besides you watches anime?
friends 69% (fufufu)
siblings 38%
parents/relatives 7%
BF/GF/husband/wife 7%
only people on the internet 53%
all 7%

Ok, I was looking at these results, thinking, that does NOT add up to 100%. Then, I remembered that you could vote more than one thing. So that explains that.
From these results, we can clearly see, that many people who read this blog have friends. That's really good to see! kekeke

Takumii's notes:
Thank you all for participating in my poll as the amount of clicks have shocked all of the authors' eyes. Let me just say, the 7% that have parents/relatives/BF/GF/husband/wife/all who also watches anime. You guys definitely have an awesome life!!

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