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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Konya, Kimi ni ai ni iku

Konya, Kimi Ni Ai Ni Iku (tonight, I'm coming to meet you), revolves around Yorika Senoo, a high schooler with a crush on one of her senpais, Yousuke Shiiba. On the day where she is finally able to talk to him, she also finds out that her parents are going abroad. Determined to stay in Japan to follow her unrequited love, Yorika arranges to starts living with a girl named Yuki. Only, Yorika read the kanji wrong, and its not Yuki but Yutaka, a 15 year old boy who is for some reason living on his own?
So now, this strange living arrangement begins.

Kayla's notes:
cute, and entertaining. It's only got one chapter out (found it on Mangafox) but it was made in 2008 so I guess we might be able to expect reasonably fast updates.
Hope you guys are enjoying the start of first term holidays~
Here at AUA, some of us are going to an anime screening next week, maybe we'll see some of the Sydney-siders there. If you're going to any anime events in Sydney, give us a shout!

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