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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The top 10:
1. Yui (K-ON!)
2. Azunynan (K-ON!)
3. Hajime (Hakuouki)
4. Souji (Hakuouki)
5. Toshizou (Hakuouki)
6. Mio (K-ON!)

7. Kazemaru (Inazuma Eleven)
8. Izaya (Durarara!)
9. Shiro (Inazuma Eleven)
10. Ricchan (K-ON!)
The full ranking, by rag Animage:
Source: Sankaku Complex

Wow, last year was so different compared to the years before. It was normally a heavy girl -based chart but now, guess not. Anime K-on once again took the top of the list with Yui and Azu-Nyan in the top position. Sad to see Mio dropped to 6th (sigh). I was surprisingly surprised when I saw Ritsu on top 10!!

Hakuouki is considered a major success this year for having 3 characters on the top list; despite the fact that this is a new anime and the characters are all males. Guess I should watch it to see why they deserve the spots. I mean, THEY TOOK MIO's PLACE!! ><

Inazuma Eleven is another new and successful anime along with Hakuouki. This is rare since sport anime characters normally wouldn't be on top characters charts because the Moe/ fan craved anime characters normally take the top list. Guess the anime must be really intense.

Okay, so basically last year was flooded with males in the top 10. They would've took over the list completely if it wasn't K-on. The power of the Moe blob sure is amazing. This means that this year is going to be really interesting where the male and female characters are in equal chances. Jks jks there will be K-on Movie :P

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