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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sleepyfans may be done for good

Sleepfans, the well known scanlation team who had a reputation for excellent and fast JUMP! translations have had a rough couple of months, especially since onemanaga was down and scanlation is getting harder and harder. Anyway, the group recently posted:
"Looks like the group can't do this anymore

We wanted to try for at least one more issue but looks like we won't get around to doing this week's Jump which is a shame
Well it was an excellent experience and we're glad you all liked our scans so much"

However, this doesn't indicate a 100% end to the group, I guess if one of them gets bored in the future on a rainay day they might decide to scanlate something, but it's pretty doubtful.
Obviously the next group for JUMP! scans is Manga Stream, however, they don't do Bakuman. So either a new group will rise up for it, or we all just move over to Ten Manga har har har there's always some random manga site that still has everything.

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