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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Victorique and Kujo manage to survive along with Julie and get rescued from the boat, only after Ned fakes his death and then returns to kill them with a giant scythe.
Back on dry land, Julie is revealed by Vcitorique as the culprit who staged the whole ship thing as a form of revenge for the same thing happening to her 10 years ago.
The maid who killed the old woman in the first episode was also doing it as an act of revenge for the same occurrence.

I didn't expect to be watching something like this at all for this season, but it has proved to be really good. I can only think of things like Pandora Hearts to be even slightly similar, and that's only because of the time era. In this anime, the guy is not nearly as useless as other protagonists commonly found in animes, and he's shown that he can hold his own in a fight. However, saying every three minutes that he's the third son of an imperial soldier is getting annoying. You only need to say it once.
Other than that, I really recommend the anime for this season~

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