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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inifinite Stratos First Impressions

I have just recently discovered (in my last week overseas) that my local internet cafe does not mind people downloading from their net, so I now have access to my anime and of course to the new season.

So, the first anime of the season that I got to watch was IS: Infinite Stratos which right off the bat sounds good already. I got more of an impression when I learnt that it was a harem, yes people a harem, they're not dead after all.
Inifinite Stratos is based around Orimura Ichika, the only male in the world that can operate the IS (Infinite Stratos). The IS was developed by the Japanese as a powered "exoskeleton" which became the mainstream of weapons. However most of its uses are now for sporting events and show. Orimura is dragged into the academy where they train IS pilots, and of course his classmates are all female.

So lets start with visuals, the first opening scene is a battle scene, I guess to get you into the mood, and the visuals I saw there int he first scene took me by surprise. I'm unable to explain it myself but it seemed to me that they incorporated 3D aspects into the battle scene and it took me back. Not only did it look good, but with the whole mech style of the anime it was a perfect idea to include it.

I love the music as well, I think I may be sayign this too much about most animes I've watched, but I think that's because of my obsession with Japanese music. The plot however I found a bit typical, but my jugdements on animes aren't always based on the plot, in my view I don't mind the plot at all, as long as it's interesting, keeps me entertained and is down right awesome. As you can see with the picture below IS is a lot of comedy, and the first episode showed me a lot of it. Although it doesn't match up to the Angel Beats! comedic experience I've had but it sure does give me a good laugh.

And of course being a tyical element of modern day animes we are given a fanservice, although I think this might still be in developing stages.

IS is produced by 8bit, the same makers that gave us the Macross Frontier series. Ben being a huge fan of Macross I'm expecting him to be watching this series too. I think I will be sticking with this series for now, it's definitely caught my attention thus far. Be sure to watch it.


Takumii's notes:
What?!?! I'm the Big Macross fan here!! >< Anyways, Infinite Stratos is good but it does give the impression of other animes in it. The sword chasing scene from 'Toradora', the only male in the academy from 'Ladies X Buttlers'. Design of Mecha from Gundam seed/ seed destiny and macross and lucky last, the females dominating over males setting from 'Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari'. This anime surely did snatch many elements from other series but who said this cannot be a successful anime?? I think it can, afterall I'm putting my bets on IS and Freezing (following the manhwa) this season ;D

There is my mini review of IS since Jayce took the job already. Looks like Freezing is going to be mine XD

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