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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cat Street

After my friend reccomended it, I began reading Cat street yesterday and I'm pretty much finished now. The picture is from chap 31, I chose this picture because his T-shirt says "Listen!!" haha.
Anyway, plot:
Keito was a child star actor, until an accident that flushed her career down the drain. She stopped attending school, and holed up in her room for 7 years. Then, the principal of El Liston meets her and takes her to the free school, where students are free to come and go whenever they want. There, she meets Momiji, Rei and Kouichi. Each of the students at El Liston have something that has caused them to turn away from society, and so it was created as a safe haven for these sorts of kids who can't attend a regular school. Because of this, the 4 become close friends.

Although it's a little not my type at the start, I really started to enjoy this manga. The characters develop well and they grow up during all this too. There are relationships, celebrity, hardships, break ups, everything. Its 35 chapters, so it's not too long, perfect when you're home for a day with nothing to do. Such as I have been. For the past 3 weeks. Gosh I need to get out...

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