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Monday, January 3, 2011

Bakuman trading figures

That's right! Bakuman merch is starting to come out! These kawaii trading figures from Good Smile Co. are 500 yen each (depending on the rates when they are released, this is about $6 AUD)
They're being released in May this year, and for everyone in Sydney, we all know what this means! Of course, I'm talking about Supanova, which will be in June (I believe) and so hopefully, this year there will be a bunch of cool new Bakuman merch, as well as other merchandise from other recent animes!
Don't forget there are also nendroids being released:
These are 3,800 yen each, which, off the top of my head is roughly $40 AUD.
Everyone, get excited, because the year has just started, which means not long to wait for all the Sydney (and rest of Australia) anime events to occur!

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