Spring (Autumn in Aust.) Anime Charts
The charts have been released and a much clearer version of the chart can be viewed here.
Credits go to the maker of the chart.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter (Summer in Aus) Anime Season 2010/2011

Yes another season begins again and with another season comes another chart and with another chart comes another confusing title. As we all know it is Winter in the northern part of the hemisphere and because this list was comprised in that region it is officially the Winter list for 2011. However we are Australian and as Australians we are currently basking in the sun in the Summer. So thus the extremely confusing title and the reason I put winter up there along as summer is because other people will be able to easily view this chart via a Google search without the need to wrap their mind around this phenomena. So without further ado:

This chart was not made by me so full credits goes to the maker of the chart (which coincidently I have not a clue who, sorry)
Click the picture to enlarge it ^^


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