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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mad rush for updates!

Like usual, I've been absent for a bit... But with a reason this time! My computer spontaneously stabbed itself in the ear with some fountain pens (kekeke Index reference) and I only got a new one yesterday! Weeeee~ new computer~~
Anyway, I'm watching/reading/finding everything I missed out on just now, and so here's a few bits and pieces of what I missed, and possibly yourself too:
Bakuman 114:
Hiramura and Aoki got together!
such a nice chapter, don't you think? Also, my anime downloads for Bakuman are at about 50% so I'll watch the latest 2 episodes soon...

Some cosplay:

What else is there? Some poll news? Mio and Azunyan are winning for the most wanted Xmas presents this year, but hey, it's not Christmas just yet so keep your pants on...

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