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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21 December Update

AnimeGroupCRC Checksum
Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo - 30LSS-WSRNE4B59487
MnF Kaiketsu Zorori - 47Zorori-Project46B19EF4
Ranma 1/2 Season 4 - 10RaX
Otome Yokai Zakuro - 12HorribleSubs
Happy Happy Clover - 04YoroshikuE6767716
Haiyoru! Nyaruani TV 02AonEB014A8CE
MM! - 12Ryuumaru603F489D
A Little Princess Sara Episode 18Licca97C47F9F
Yosuga no Sora - 12UTW-Ryuumaru9C862D55
Spring and Chaos MovieCitadelofTheRaven
Bleach - 302HorribleSubs

TheKey is down. Incomplete list.

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