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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ren-Ai Shijou

Warning, for some of the time while I was reading this, my dad was home and in my head it was "If I move my head in front of my screen, he won't see the dirty bits" so yes, there's some "scenes".

It has the stupidest, most annoying, frustrating plot/ main character, but despite that, I can't help but read it.
The main character, Seri, starts out as strong and confident and all kick ass girl power. But she quickly becomes pretty effing useless.
She becomes her childhood friend's (Tamaki) girlfriend, they start having sex and all that teen stuff, then of course there's love rivals, incest, rape, and all sorts of hideously stupid things happening. Like really, was there any need for incest?
Not only this, but it continuously happens through out each arc. Tamaki is a nice guy though, I quite like him. But this girl should learn to defend herself, trust Tamaki with her issues, and stop being so darn stupid.

Despite all this, I read it anyway.
It's on tenmanga.com if you're interested.

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