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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Failcast/AUA Podcast release episode 1

Here is the first release of the failcastAUA Podcast.
I was the only one awake to the to podcast so it went pretty bad (Use the alarm clock, Jayce) and we only had one email. Uhmm.. Do not listen. You will only kill yourself. But if you're curious how it turned out with only one host (me) and the special guest (Oath from Team Zebraman) You can download it here.

The EP is Kokoro no Madobe Nite - Hanazawa Kana (Asobi ni Ikuyo! Futaba's EP)

Update: Okay. Because episode 1 is so fucking terrible, I have announced that episode 1v2 will be recorded and released sometime next week. Same special guest. It's just a redo of episode 1. Make sure you send in your emails. kthxbai

Jayce's notes:
I am really sorry, hontou gomen nasai. I did get up early to actually make it to the podcast but what happened was my boss rang me up to let me know I had to open the shop first because he had things to pick up, I work in the city which is an hour away by train so by 7.30 I had to be out of the house. I promise I will make up for it by attentding the episode 1v2 of AUA Podcast, and again .... hontou gomen nasai T_T

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