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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Highschool of the Dead Controversy

Once again anime has made sparks fly between nations this time over a celebrity. For any of you people that watch Highschool of the Dead and are up to date with the episodes, you might remember this scene

This zombie being shot in the head above has a strikingly similar appearance to Bae Yong-Joon or Yon Sama a Korean drama star. Being Korean this sparked an argument between Japanese and Korean officials, some Koreans going as far as saying that this stunt was a clear example of Japan's hatred of Korea while others simply called it a racist act (something I don't get as they are both asian countries).
This hasn't only happened once between the two countries though a similar incident happened to WWII anime Hetalia which resulted in its airing being pulled from Korea all together.

Kayla Sama's notes:
completely off topic. KOREAN GUYS ARE SO DAMN FREAKING HOT! I'm kdrama addict for everyone who wants to know. Wahhh~~ Lee Min Ho Oppa and Jung Yong Hwa Oppa~~~ FIGHTING!

This whole "he looks like a k star" is stupid. a) it's a cartoon (don't shoot me for saying cartoon instead of anime, but hey I'm otaku I think I have a right to classify it as cartoon coz it's animated, which is what a cartoon is) and b)... many Asians look similar. Brown hair and glasses. It's common. (AND SEXY!)
btw, I'm not Asian. I'm kinpatsu :O

Takumii's notes
Bae Yong-Joon died... ); I did watched his dramas and enjoyed it T_T

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