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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Watashi ni XX Shinasai!

 This is a manga I used to read a lot, but the updates kind of stopped for a while, but now they're back again!

Yukina is seen by her classmates as cold and unapproachable. But in reality, she is actually a popular and successful phone-novelist! She writes a phone-novel under the name Yupina, and all her female classmates reguarly talk about her stories! Yukina's only friend is her cousin, but suddenly the prince of the school, Shigure, ends up being her love slave due to bribary?!

This is actually really funny, and spoiler, her cousin is in love with her. What's up with all the incest stuff these days? Really now. This manga, however, has a really good strong storyline that keeps you interested, and the art is of a high quality. Each of the characters are enjoyable, you don't really get sick of them. 

Note: I love how Shugo Chara is on the cover of the first magazine image above LOL

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