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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bakuman 93

Bakuman is really heating up! Just a note, those panels above may not be in the right order.
The chapter starts with Mashiro and Azuki escaping the seiyuu interview, and they catch the train home together, holding hands. Thus, Mashiro is really happy with himself, and his relationship with Azuki has progressed.
The third chapter of PCP comes in 6th place, which is good, but not good enough, and Hattori believes they will be in danger of being canceled if they don't amp it up. Niizuma also believes it's not good enough to compete with himself and Iwase. Hearing that they might be canceled, Iwase calls Takagi and tells him he better not get canceled. The chapter ends with encouragement from a rival!

One thing I really love about Bakuman is the art style. It does remind the reader a lot of Death Note, but hey, we all loved Death Note's characters. (maybe except Near and Mello haha, I hated them T.T) But one thing that I really really love, is how Hattori reminds me of Ryuk. When I first started reading Bakuman I couldn't figure out why he looked so weird to me, and then when I thought of Ryuk, the similarities were all in the face. I also love how Hattori is so intense when it comes to making mangas better.

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