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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sekirei: Pure Engagement 3

~Third Wing: The Wind's Response~

Kazehana was up for a 2 on 1 battle with Benitsubasa and Haihana in order to save Minato. Such intense battle as Kazehana became serious suddenly, threatened the enemies. Afterall, she is #3 out of all the 108, so without a doubt she is better than both. However, it is a different story as she had to fight both of them while protecting Minato at the same time. With the teamwork from them two, Kazehana was heavily injured.

Knowing his life was already at risk, Minato stood up and tried to protect Kazehana, with the vow to protect everyone he cares about. Situation turned bad when Minato pushed her away and falling objects went right on top of him. Such action has deeply touched Kazehana and made her willing to be his sekirei. The table was turned around, as Kazehana was winged and she gave Benitsubasa and Haihana the 'team rocket finish'.

Minato woke up and found himself in the hospital along with Musubi and Tsukumi . Apparently after he was saved by Kazehana, his mother, Tamaki took him to the hospital. It was then she officially revealed to him that she works for the MBI. The surprise gave Minato a big surprise but not to his sekireis as they already known really well who she is.

The episode mainly focused in Kazehana, however it did mentioned in the middle that, 'Homura' is the last unwinged sekirei left. Also, Uzume is starting to get out of hand...

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