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Monday, July 26, 2010

H.O.T.D ep 4

Ep 4:

Basically a recap of the first three eps, and then the last maybe 5-10 minutes just had Rei (stupid prissy b...) and Takashi at a gas station after raiding a cop car to fill up a motorbike they stole. They realize it's self service and after finding neither of them have money Takashi goes inside to get some cash out of the register. He's especially lame when he says "I've always wanted to do this" and hits the register with his baseball bat.
Rei screams and a gangster (rofl) puts a knife to her throat because he "can't live in a world without having a girl". He touches her but it gets censored (ahh damn censors in this show :( ) but for some reason he pulls down her shirt and that doesn't get censored at all does it.
Ends with Takashi shooting the gangster and the pair ride off on their motorbike like a prissy girl and her whipped friend. Ahh I dislike Rei so much. gomen to her fans.

Sorry for the crappy updates lately. I'm a study-holic, Kumii -chan's lazy and Jayce's internets capped :L Who knows what GG-Charlie's upto these days LOL he just got back from a trip to Japannnnnn.

Takumii's notes:
I finally know what this anime lacks. Relationships! You two just kiss/hug already!

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