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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sekirei: Pure Engagement 2

~Second Wing: The Wind Rises~

The episode began as Minato realized Kazehana was right in front of him when he woke up in his bedroom. Shocked and does not know what to say as Kazehana asked him if he would want to wing her. Blushed and embarrassed by her words, he had his breakfast with his sekireis. They all became aware that more sekireis were trying to escape the capital and were being defeated by the Disciplinary Squad. Ever since Minato assisted Shigi and his sekirei, Kuno, to escape, not a single successful sekirei and ashikabi have managed to escape. Minato got warned by Matsu to also watch out for the Demonic Ashikabi, Yukari and Grim Reaper Sekirei, Shiina (without knowing).
Suddenly, Minato recieved a call from Yukari and she wanted to meet him. Scared of what she will think after seeing he has more sekireis, he made the excuse of going to a restaurant for dinner instead. Tsukumi however, never met any of Minato's family members became jealous and decided to tag herself along to meet Yukari. Having no choice, Minato allowed her to accompany him.
Just as they are on their way, they were ambushed by the Disciplinary Squad. Tsukumi, provoked by Haihane's word and immediately started fighting her. Without realizing,she has fallen to their trap, leaving Minato all alone by himself and allowed him to be freely kidnapped by Benitsubasa. Tsukumi fought and finally noticed, and she is now desperately trying to find Minato.
Benitsubasa was seeking revenge on what Yume/Musubi did to her and Haihane. She wanted to lure her out so she rang the inn's phone and ordered Musubi to come to save Minato, however she wasn't at home then and so the phone conversation got to Kuu, Matsu and Kazehana instead. Everybody began to desperately search for Minato and even Kazehana decided to find him. Knowing the familiar sound in the phone conversation, she headed off.

She arrived at the correct place and now, she has to save Minato...

Pic of the Episode

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