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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bakuman 94

I literally put my hands in the air reading this. I've realized something about Bakuman, why I love it so much. I've been reading it for a long time, and I saw with this chapter that Bakuman is about achievement, about Takagi and Mashiro, their transformation from Junior High to College, their social lives, their work efforts, their success and their failures. It's all one big accomplishment, and it doesn't always go right. It's believable and encouraging. It makes you remember childhood dreams that you gave up on.
Ch 94 Overview:

 Iwase cheers on her rivals, encouraging them to do their best, because that's what she wants to beat.  Yoshida sets up a tea party to encourage the girl-shy autors of True Human and Otters11. (I added this panel because a)it made me laugh and b)the art in it is really good)
Iwase visit Eiiji and he tells her his prodigy opinion on why PCP can't beat them. He says its all in the art.
Meanwhile, Hattori and Ashirogi are trying to figure this out for themselves. Eventually Ashirogi come up with the art being what they need to fix as well, just as Hattori comes to the same conclusion.
Chapter by chapter, Mashiro changes the art and ch8 of PCP comes in 5th, climbing the ladder back up to 1st place.
And as we can all see in the last panel, Eiiji thinks it's going to beat +Natural and Crow. And Eiiji hasn't been wrong yet.

I swear I say every chapter that it's heating up, but honestly, it's just getting better and better. I've been checking updates every hour to read this chapter, and now I have to wait a whole other week for the next one. I'm dying here T.T

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