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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Karigurashi no Arrietty - Studio Ghibli

Upon a visit to Anime News Network Australia I discovered that Studio Ghibli has released another film named "Karigurashi no Arrietty".

Doors opened in cinemas all around Japan for the first screening last Saturday, with tickets having sold at 87% the rate of Studio Ghiblis's last 2008 film "Ponyo on the Clif by the Sea". Not only are these numbers astounding "Kigurashi" also set the record for the most number of pre-sale tickets to be sold amongst the Ghibli films. Film distributor TOHO expects it to eventually earn 10 billion yen while toshio Suzuki a long time Ghibli producer says he just wants it to surpass "Ponyo". "Ponyo" however became the number 1 film of 2008 at the Japanese box office, makig 15.4 billion yen.

Hiromosa Yonebayash, Studio Ghibli's veteran animator is making his feature film directorial debut with his adaptation of "The Borrowers", the novel some of you may know written by English author Mary Norton. On "Karigurashi's" big day, Yonebayashi and Suzuki made a special appearance at Tokyo's Scalaza Theatre along with seiyuus (voice actors) Mirai Shida who voices the main and title character Arrietty, Ryunosuke Kamiki who voices Sho, Keiko Takeshita the voice of Sadako, Tomokazu Miura the voice of Pod, Shinobu Otake the voice of Homily and also Cecile Corbel the film's them song composer and performer. 

If you would like to see AnimeNewsNetwork's full article just follow the link below:

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