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Monday, December 12, 2011

DmC Reboot Analyses

As a huge DMC fan, I was very excited when hearing that there would be a 5th game at E3 2010, to the series. Not much has been shared with the public about this new installment  of the series in one hit, but little by little has been reviled by Ninja Theory and Capcom. However, despite this, and many fans knowing this, fans from the previous classic games have shown signs of lack of enthusiasm and speculation towards the game due to the different setting, style, voice actors and Dante's new character.

My personally opinion is that this could be a good thing that there is change, keeping to one story can get overwhelming and dull very quickly. Games such as Kingdom Hearts may have a good story, but can get a little repetitive. Final Fantasy has a good story and gameplay, and continue to changes with each game, making it new, fresh and exciting; and I think that this new DMC title will do the same. That said, we can see that there is much change in Dante's appearance to what we all are familiar with, but what about personality? From what we can see from trailers and gameplay snippets, his mysterious, cool and independent attitude personality still stands.
This is what Capcom and Ninja Theory had to say about it:
Reception to the new design of Dante and direction of the series was largely negative. In an interview, Capcom revealed that they knew Dante's new look would be met with negative backlash and that they pressed forward with this in mind. In August 2011, new screenshots revealed that the design for Dante had undergone changes.
Along with the many changes to the game, is the voices. Of course there would be change!! It is a younger Dante and younger and newer characters. Need I remind, that the first games was voiced by 3 different actors in DMC 1,2 and 3? Why would people be shocked and annoyed with this? But what most fans do not know about the new game is that, this Dante is from an alternative universe and has nothing to do from the original games.
On the official DmC Capcom webiste of Japan it specifically says "DmC Rebirth of Devil May Cry" that immanently tells us that it is new and not related to the original series, hence the title of the game "DmC reboot." 
The website also states that "Dante is a half angel half demon" not specifying that he is the son of Sparta like Dante from the original series. 
At the start of the E3 2010 trailer of the game, it has two quotes  saying "heaven and hell suppose two distinct species of men, the good and the bad...  but the greatest part of mankind float beaten the void" We can also see that this new Dante is under going psychoanalysis, which suggests the mental illness or that the people of Limbo think he is mental from seeing what really isn't there. 
What does stay the same are Dante's weapons throughout the series  his two pistols, Ebony & Ivory and the Rebellion sword, we can also see in gameplay trailers that Dante can gain more items, just like in previous DMC titles. Capcom also states that this new Dante is a rebirth and has a "hard boiled" aura. 

Dante is also given more abilities than from the original Dante, he is given "Angel Power" for speed which chops up enemies with a fast scythe sharp blade, "Demon Power" which crushes the enemy attack with a weapon such as a heavy axe, which does more damage than a normal hit and the "Devil Trigger." Those of you who have played previous title may have remember  the "Devil Trigger" that gives Dante a limited amount of devil power which is a boost or power up from his normal strength and can do many more attacks and damage to enemies. In the rebooted game, the same aerial combat is used in the previous gameplay, as such, Dante soars into the air and pierce enemies with his sword. 
In additionwhen activating this trigger, Dante transforms into the original Dante's traditional appearance, crimson coat and silver white hair. 

Apart from this rebooted Dante, the design of the characters are very different from the previous games. The characters take on a more of an American style, rather than a Japanese game style from the previous games. Ninja Theory and Capcom both wanted a fresh and new look to fit the setting and the new Dante, giving the game a more realistic and fresh feel for the audience.

The setting of this new world, Limbo, has a very American style to it which has many neo-Gothic and modern architecture. Limbo is also described as two worlds in one, a reality and a hell or spirit world which can drag Dante out of reality and into the demon world. 
Limbo has many demons in it and most likely have come from this "hell world" and have made their way into reality. This is shown in the 2011 E3 trailer of the game, when Dante is walking through Limbo with red phrases on the wall saying "Their truth is a lie," "their city is an illusion" and "Do not accept the world as it is" defiantly, and clearly states that this world has too sides to it, and not everything in this world is as it seems. Such as the theory of two mirror worlds. The trailer than shows us the "normal" city of Limbo, changing to a different and "demonic" place, filled with demons, monsters and an abstract and dangerous environment. To enforce this new setting, the website clearly states "Limbo is a dangerous place once it transforms and tries to kill Half Angels and Half Demons, such as Dante" The reasons to this is unclear.

Besides the fact that the new Dante has both demon and angle powers, keeping it in a different "universe" gives Capcom more options for the future. If the game is a massive success, the developers can continue to create games in this new DMC series without worrying about stepping on the toes of the original classics. If it's an absolute failure Capcom can just pretend it never happened, closing the alternate dimension as quickly as they opened it.

To view all the new trailers just click here to watch the 2011 E3 trailer, TGS trailer and the special trailer.

What do you think of the new DMC game? Do you think it will be successful, or do you think it will be a disappointment? 

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