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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Top 10 Tedious Anime Cliches

An amusing top 10 chart found indicating the cliches which you may all have seen at least once. The list are:

1. The wishy-washy protagonist gets all the girls
2. A new power awakens in a desperate pinch!
3. After starting out as an enemy, after many tribulations they become an ally!
4. A hitherto invincible new enemy character somehow loses to the protagonist…
5. Despite being excessively popular, for some reason the protagonist is completely insensitive
6. The useless drop-out protagonist becomes the heroic saviour of the world
7. The heroine descends from on high
8. As soon as a girl is accidentally pushed over, someone will burst in and leap to conclusions
9. The girls and boys whose beauty is revealed only when they take off their glasses…
10. The rival who is both sporty and clever

Source: Sankaku Complex


GodzillaRadio said...

Hahaha! No.8 is almost guaranteed

Takumii said...

Well, most of them are only to be found in Harem animes anyways. Haha