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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kyokai Senjou no Horizon Promo Streamed

Bandai Visual's Lantis label began streaming a new 138-second "Horizon" promotional video for Manabu Ono and Sunrise's Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere) anime on its YouTube channel this weekend. The anime's official Twitter account revealed on Sunday that the series will have two ending theme songs: Ceui's "Stardust Melodia" and AiRI's "Pieces." Both will go on sale on November 9.
Minoru Kawakami's original school fantasy light novel series is set in a distant future when Japan is divided into feudal territories and conquered by other countries. There is a floating city named Musashi that is composed of eight ships in the skies. A war that will determine the fate of the world will be fought by students on the Musashi. The anime will premiere in Japan on October 1.
This sounds like a story line I have heard before with Japan being taken over, battling for their land, students, different sectors of the world and that float. But it does look like it can be a promising anime with an interesting story and epic fight scenes, but from what I can see, there defiantly will be fan-service~ But hopefully it isn't too overwhelming to cause it to go down hill and into the gutter. 

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