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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

'Code Geass: Gaiden Bōkoku no Akito' IS GREEN NOW!!

Sunrise's General Manager of Overseas Development, Masayuki Ozaki, confirmed at Otakon on Sunday that the studio is looking forward to the new Code Geass anime project. The project will be released in 2012 as it's currently behind schedule.

During the panel, Ozaki called the project the third season of the hit series. He also confirmed that Kazuki Akane (director for The Vision of Escaflowne) will be the director.

The new season titled Code Geass Gaiden Bōkoku no Akito, was originally announced last year. Bōkoku no Akito will be set within the same world as Lelouch, the previous protagonist, but with different characters and within Europe.

Source: Jpopasia

Takumii's notes:
Sorry guys, I'm a bit busy lately so I didn't blog as much. However, since this news even shocked me, I desperately wanted to share it with you all~ Code Geass fandom shall rise once more! XD Hahahaha.... NO!! NO MORE KAREN!! ><

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