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Friday, July 1, 2011

blog update

Greetings! Guess what guys, you may have hear/read/whatever that we're "discussing" a new layout. To translate this for you, it means Jayce has been bugging me (Kayla) to make a new banner for oooh. About six months now :)
Today was everyone in NSW's last day of school, so I'm kicking back and finally making it! Then I texted Jayce, and decided to prove my innocence by blogging it. Of course, as you can tell, I have only just started.
Next up, I've started watching Nodame Cantabile (live action ver) after the convincing of my Japanese teacher and it is HILARIOUS. I've never seen a live action that is so similar to anime, especially in the way they throw each other across the room. They literally glomp each other.
Come on guys, who doesn't love a good glomping?

If you have any suggestions for the banner, comment, email, you know the drill!

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