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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ouran High Live Casts Revealed

Cast For Ouran High School Host Club Announced
After revealing plans for a live action version of the hit anime series "Ouran High School Host Club", the main cast for the show has been revealed.
Fans of the popular anime series "Ouran High School Host Club" were treated to exciting news last week when plans for a live action version of the show were announced. More information about the show has now been revealed.
The main cast list was unveiled. The following is a list of the cast:
Yamamoto Yusuke - Tamaki
Kawaguchi Haruna - Haruhi
Nakamura Masaya – Mori
Daito Shunsuke – Kyoya
Takagi Shinpei - Hikaru
Takagi Manpei – Kaoru
Chiba Yudai – Honey
Ryusei Ryo – Umehito
"Ouran High School Host Club" will be broadcast Fridays on TBS starting in July. 
Source: Jpop Asia

Here is the video I found about the casts and Ouran High. So girls, you can start drooling now~

Kayla's notes:
we (I) posted about the casting for Haruhi and Tamaki a while ago, but now the rest of the cast has been revealed. Everyone pretty much knew that the live action would destroy the anime/manga. And well here's why:
~the uniform is the wrong colour
~Nekozawa just looks like a creeper
~Haruhi's wig is so obvious
etc. And Tamaki looks like a creeper too. Nevertheless, I'll probably watch it, and cringe. Sorry Takumii but I don't think the girls will be drooling for this :\


Michelle Pendlelton said...

Finally, the long wait is over! Weee! The anime version was such a hit, and I'm pretty sure that the live version will be a hit, too! By the way, this guy in the photo looks so cute! Hihi!

Takumii said...

I knew there would be someone getting excited to hear about the news. Guess Kayla-sama's statement is not true anymore XD