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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

K-ON.... Sumire Saito!

Guys, GUYS!! isn't she cute?!?! Isn't she dreamy?!?! Of course she is!~ she is Sumire Saito, a new character introduced in the sequel K-ON manga. She is high school student who will be with Azu-nyan and company at their high school so she won't know the past members. She is an eye candy for sure; so guessing the high school side of the manga won't be too bad after all compared to the university side. She got me immediately as i saw her in her first appearance. Its like~ love at first sight. I think I'm in love XD

Let's look forward to this new goddess in the future of the K-ON manga. Respect for K-ON +1

Also, please rate this article if you think she is cute!! ;)

Azunyan is still slightly better .... keep making more eye candy please ... MORE!! XD

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