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Friday, April 8, 2011

SMASH! Relaunches Website

SMASH! (Sydney Anime and Manga Show) has launched a new website for this year's anime, video games and Japanese pop culture convention, being held on July 16th at the Sydney Convention Centre.

With the launch, SMASH! has announced that it will host a concert by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra titled Memories of Fantasia. Eminence, founded in 2003 by Hiroaki Yura, has recorded music for video games and anime, including The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, and previously held anime and video game music concerts at Manifest, Supanova and Wai-Con. Eminence has reported on Facebook that it will bring a medium-sized ensemble to SMASH! but special guests and featured music have yet to be announced.

Memories of Fantasia will take place after the main show at the Sydney Convention Centre. Tickets cost $35 and will be available for purchase, along with tickets to SMASH!, from April 13th.

SMASH!'s Artist Alley applications have also been opened for artists and designers wishing to sell their works at the convention. Applications and terms are now available online. SMASH! has advised to apply as soon as possible as tables quickly sold out in previous years.

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