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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kamisama Dolls Promo Streamed

The official website of the Kamisama Dolls television anime series began streaming a 96-second "Girls Side" promotional video on Tuesday. (There is a second "Story Side" promotional video on the website of Shogakukan's Sunday GX magazine, but it is only available to Japanese Internet addresses.) Hajime Yamamura's original supernatural action manga centers around Kyōhei (Nobuhiko Okamoto), a college student who grew up in a village that deified figureheads named kakashi as gods. Kyōhei abandoned his hometown when he moved to Tokyo and immersed himself in college life. However, he learns from his younger sister Utao (Misato Fukuen) that a fugitive named Aki from his hometown has also arrived in Tokyo (with his kakashi in tow) and is responsible for a horrific crime that Kyōhei had just witnessed. The anime will premiered this summer.

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