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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hidan No Aria (Aria the Scarlet Ammo)

So I watched this today, and my first impression of Aria was that she was realllly cool. But then she spoke and her voice didn't match her image. But you get used to that.

The plot isn't too bad, the characters attend a school that trains "Butei", which are similar to police, but they work for money, and currently, there is a "Butei Killer" who is targeting the Butei. That guy got caught, and now there's a copy cat killer on the loose.
Kinji is targeted by this copy cat killer, and rescued by Aria on the first day of his 2nd year of high school. Then, when the two are trapped by a bunch of the copy cat killer's "toys", Kinji reveals a split personality, that comes out when he's feeling a bit.... After seeing Aria without her shirt, and having his face smooshed up against her boobs, his split personality comes out, and he totally changes into a prince. His speech changes as well and he turns into a super-butei and shoots down all the "toys" with just one bullet each.

Finally, he arrives at school only to find that he's in the same class as Aria, and everyone thinks that they're sleeping together.

Kayla's notes:
um yeah, I was watching this in the lounge room and my dad came in to talk to me, so I paused it. And it paused on a picture of boobs. So I played it again to change what was on the screen and when I paused it AGAIN, boobs came up again. And my dad was just like ............
So, the lesson here today, don't watch this in front of your parents LOL
Also, it's kind of annoying how Aria just shoots ANYTHING. Like in the middle of class, she shot the walls, the window and the roof, just coz everyone was talking.
She's so tsundere its not funny.

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