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Monday, March 14, 2011

Scheduled Power Outage in Tokyo Area To Affect Anime and Manga Production

Tokyo Electric Power Company has announced to conduct a scheduled power outage in the capital region of Japan from March 14th to cope with the power plant failures by the earthquake. The power supply will be cut off for three hours a day and the outage will be carried out everyday by the end of April. According to the tweet of anime writer Morita Shigeru, anime production studios located in the region will be severely affected. Mangaka Akamatsu Ken said it will be difficult to maintain the weekly serialization of manga.

List of the studios which are likely to be affected by the power outage:
Toei Animation
Studio DEEN
Studio Pierrot
Brains Base
Silver Link
Production I.G
J.C. Staff
Studio Ghibli
Studio Gallop

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