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Friday, March 4, 2011

New Games Previews


The BRS game is finally on preview. It is going to be a PSP exclusive game and will be released in the Summer season in Japan(Winter for us).The exciting bit is the release of White Rock Shooter, which most likely will be the villain of the game. Also, the WRS figma is coming out soon too!

The game I have waited for a year has been released! Valkyria Chronicle 3 is the best! It is the sequel of the previous Valkyria Chronicle Games. The gameplay and anime story in the game is just everything you want as an otaku. I can't wait to start playing it!

~The Last Story~
Another game full of potential hitting the market soon. The Last Story by Square Enix is a RPG Wii game. I normally won't have interests on Wii games but this one is an exception. Apparently, this game is selling extremely well in Japan right now. The excitement of the Trailer makes me want to give a try right now!

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