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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Return~

Yes it has been... about a month since my last post - APOLOGIES!!!
I've been busy/lazy, whichever word you prefer. Here's some updates!

Strobe Edge~

Recently, a new scanlator has picked up the series, and, on average, there's a release every two days or so, instead of every three months... Which is great! Spoiler:
Andou got beaten up in front of Ninako, then Ren confessed to her, but she rejected him because of the Andou situation, even though she decided to be honest with her feelings. Then, Ren caught her sitting in his seat after school, and the scene on the left < depicts the last page of the latest release. It's heating up!

Boku No Hatsukoi Wo Kimi Ni Sasagu~
to be honest, this was once one of my favourite mangas, but lately, with all these new scandals and such, I've decided to stop reading it. It has slowly moved away from Takuma and Mayu's relationship and expanded too far for my liking.

Kimi Ni Todoke LIVE ACTION:
Yes, I finally got around to watching this! The actors are all perfect for the roles, especially Yano and Yoshida, they look exactly the same as the anime/manga! It was pretty much the entire first season smooshed into a 2 hour movie, but it was good. A bit long, though.
A poll was conducted by Otakus, about otaku!
The question they asked was: "What's the most annoying thing about other Otaku?" and the top 10 results were:
1. The times they get names or explanations about things a little wrong
2. When they play dumb after pretending to know something
3. When you see them successfully impressing the opposite sex by coming out with obscure knowledge
4. They immediately condemn something they know practically nothing about – “that’s no good, is it?”
5. They talk smugly about something everyone knows anyway
6. When they start criticising other otaku for being “too desperate”
7. They try to convince you of something with the “I know someone in the industry” line of argument
8. They call themselves otaku despite only knowing about mainstream stuff
9. When they start going on about how they knew about something before it became popular
10. They just agree with everything you say

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* 天草 リク * said...

Okaerinasai, Kayla-sama~!
*bearhugs* xD

Almost all of them are true. lol.