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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kimi no Iru Machi - Chapter 127

Once again, Haruto has overcome another wave he has encountered. The last few chapters were about the Eba's reappearance in the manga and how Eba's younger sister tried to persuade Haruto Eba is the one he should be choosing. Things stirred up and Haruto had to go on a date with Eba at an amusement park (read it yourself :) ), without Asuka knowing. Though she knew he is going to the amusement park, so she saked him for a phone strap as a souvenir. After the date, Haruto felt bad for buying a souvenir with Eba for his Girlfriend so he when to buy another one himself and gave that one to Asuka. Though Asuka discovered his extra phone strap, she mistakened it as him secretly buying another one so it can be a matching pair. At the end, Asuka didn't find out and he also got his reward.

Takumii's notes:
Haruto is not cheating on Asuka; that I can say but the rest I can't. In fact, this is so cute!! Omgosh, I want a girlfriend like Asuka now :D

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