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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


K-ON!’s upcoming manga continuation is due to cover the university life of the girls, at the same time as Azunyan and company continue at school.
According to the announcement, K-ON! will continue in Manga Time Kirara, covering the university antics of the now graduated girls, whilst Manga Time Kirara Carat will carry a separate tale covering the high school antics of Azusa and company.
K-ON! Kirara will go on sale April 9th, whilst K-ON! Carat is due to start April 28th.
Although hardly overburdened with plot to begin with, having all the girls attend the same university might prove something of a stretch – though the awkwardness of this pales in comparison to improbability of keeping all the girls single and uninvolved whilst at university, a situation which the fanbase may not welcome any change in…


Takumii's notes
Well, a manga continuation will only mean one thing. There will be a anime again!! Seriously the announcement didn't surprise at all because it is really expected. After all the the success K-on had within the last few years, why would they stop now? Just saying, but I would love to see K-on season 3 too!!

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